Since 2012, Komplet specializes in collecting
and renovating Danish vintage items.


Komplet is a place with Scandinavian design, mainly Danish.
We collect items that arouse our emotions and then pass them on.

We can help you in creating your own exquisite collection of
furniture, lamps and other unique items.

We import design icons. Vintage and contemporary.

That is the artistic task:
To choose the best from these solutions.

Arne Jacobsen


If you are interested in any item,
you can see on our website, please contact us.

If you are looking for any particular piece of furniture
not featured here, we can find it for you.

We are always happy to help you implement your vision.


Initially, Komplet was a stationary boutique.
Currently the owner, Anna Orłowska,
provides items upon request,
working with interior architects,
film set designers, collectors
and Danish design lovers.